02 June, 2023

Elementary School Spring Concert

Elementary school concert

Flight 0525 safely landed on May 25 afternoon in the South Gym after our elementary crew took us around the world. On this journey we experienced different folk songs, languages, and cultures. Our flight had 6 layovers around the world, with Chinese catering service, Dim Sum for Everyone, offered by pre-kindergarten students.

Our first stop was in Zimbabwe, where Kindergarten helped us learn how to greet someone using different languages. "Sorida" (hello) from Africa!

Kindergarten students sing an African song 

In Guatemala, Grade 1 students brought the sunshine in with the song "Vamos a la Mar":

A song about summer 

Our next destination, Japan, is famous for the beautiful cherry blossom, or sakura season:

A song about sakura 

Right after that, Grade 3 sang a beautiful canon "Hey Ho/Shalom" where part of the melody comes from England, and the other from Israel:

A student with ukulele 

During our next layover in South Korea, we enjoyed a rendition of a traditional folk song called Arirang:

Playing the xylo 

With the elementary graduating students singing "Over the Rainbow", our journey reached its final destination, the United States of America:

Graduating elementary students play music 

A big thank you to Sea Dragon Air for this amazing musical journey!

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Elementary student dressed as a flight attendant