14 December, 2022

Outdoor Education Rock Climbing Field Trip

Student climbing a wall

On Friday December 9th, Mrs. Hopkinsonā€™s Outdoor Education Class traveled to downtown Dalian and went rock climbing at the RanQi facility. The class has been learning different types of rock climbing from bouldering, free climbing, top rope climbing, sport climbing, as well as the different types of holds and grips. It was great to put what the students learned in class to being able to demonstrate the different holds to use on a bouldering wall and climbing wall in person. Students were able to spend a good amount of time to warm up, explore, and climb the variety of climbing walls available. It was great to see students who have never been climbing before and get out of their comfort zone to try something completely different.

Rock climbing team

We asked some students what was their favorite part about the field trip and what they learned.

"My favorite part of the rock-climbing field trip was bouldering because it is something that I have never tried before. Without using any ropes makes this type of rock climbing more challenging and intimidating to me, but I eventually made it after several practices. Moreover, I enjoy the process of learning from my peers and making new friends.

Besides learning how to do different types of rock climbing, I have also learned the importance of planning things out first before I act and challenging myself to jump out of my comfort zone. For example, in rock climbing, I should always look for the next step before each movement, and I believe this can be applied to my life as I should always plan before making any decisions or taking any actions. Furthermore, since I have never tried this type of sport before, so I was extremely scared at the beginning, and honestly, I was kind of reluctant to do it. Later, my friends, classmates, and teachers all supported and encouraged me, which helped me gain courage and confidence to give it a try."

Susan Li
Grade 10

"As a rock climbing enthusiast for many years, I am very happy that the outdoor education can give me, a busy high school student who has not had time to go rock climbing for a long time, the opportunity to participate in this field trip. During this field trip, I was very happy to see so many classmates around me also experienced the fun of rock climbing. Since rock climbing is a very niche sport, I'm happy that they can share the joy that it gives me. Second, to be honest, my favorite part is when I get to show people my hard working result, and then I felt worth when everyone was cheering for me down there because my hard work paid off. During this field trip, I learned the joy of helping others. During the climb, many classmates showed their passion and talent for rock climbing. I feel very happy to finish the routes with them. When they are in trouble I can help guide them on what movements to use to complete the routes. Of course, their cheering also helped me. Haven't been climbing for a long time, it is inevitable that there will be a lack of endurance. They will inspire me to insisting until the last moment. I think that's the biggest takeaway from this field trip."

Vivi Wu
Grade 11

"Well, my favorite part about the field trip was speed climbing part(though we didn't record the time), since that part can bring me in a high height about 8 meters which increased my hormone. Also, I could climb with a rope from the top which ensured my safety. I learned that climbing seems to be easy to do, however, it requires both your strength of power and strategies. I have to design an optimal route to climb."

Shawn Li
Grade 12