21 October, 2022

Outdoor Education Class Experience

Fire pit

Ms. Dyanne Hopkinson and her Outdoor Education class learned some essential life skills. Gathered around the campus fire pit, students took turns lighting a fire using dry tinder and kindling they collected around the school, and an ignition source such as flint and steel or a friction fire kit. They also tried building a teepee and maintaining a warming fire that can potentially save their lives in the wild.

Outdoor Education course is being offered to our high school students by the PE Department. Through interactions with the natural world, Outdoor Education aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, society and ourselves. The course focuses on outdoor activities through a range of environments and experiences including bushwalking, climbing, all-season recreation, leadership-building, problem-solving and orienteering. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills, physical activity essentials and an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature. With an emphasis on the Compass Model and its fundamentals, this course provides an opportunity for learners to understand how their actions relate to Nature, Economy, Society and Wellbeing through hands-on, outdoor activities.