31 March, 2022

March Madness: DAIS Basketball Season Capstone

Basketball coach with the team

All the way since the winter athletics season started in January 2022, DAIS basketball teams have been busy practicing and playing. Tryouts were very competitive this year, and we were able to form three young and strong teams that are set to thrive in the upcoming years: Varsity Girls, Varsity Boys, and Junior Varsity Boys. They played multiple scrimmage games and participated in friendly competitions with Dalian schools in February and March.

Despite the challenging situation with the pandemic in China, Mr. Macinnes, DAIS Athletics and Activities Director, and our coaches took every opportunity to let our students compete. Starting from February, coaches Coyer and Patel (Varsity girls) organized 3-on-3 (a new Olympic sport featured in Tokyo) tournaments on campus with an Intel Women’s team and the DAIS/DHS Faculty Women’s team participating. Our young ladies displayed good skills and true team spirit throughout the games.

March Madness: DAIS Basketball Season Capstone - March Madness

Our boys, led by Coach Jones and Mrs. Hopkinson, participated in two basketball games in February. On February 15th, the Varsity Boys team played their first scrimmage of the season against the faculty. The highly entertaining game finished 46-32 to the teachers' team.

The following week, our Varsity Boys team was able to invite a local school for a friendly match. On February 24th, DAIS team played with skill and intensity in the 31-33 overtime defeat against No. 1 Secondary School of Dalian Development Area.

March Madness: DAIS Basketball Season Capstone - March Madness

The South Gym came alive with activity in March as we saw the Sea Dragons host multiple basketball games at the various categories. The Varsity Girls team played in four rounds of 3-on-3 tournament with the teacher team and an Intel team and concluded the season with full court games against the teachers (ending 14-12 to teachers in overtime) on March 3rd and the Junior Varsity Boys (a close 33-30 victory for the JV team led by Mr. Holstrom and Mr. Cairns) on March 8th.

The Varsity Boys basketball team played two more matches in March, with another game against the teachers on March 1st (where the faculty maintained their unbeaten run with a 33-25 victory), and an emotional season ending 45-39 victory over local rivals Dalian Maple Leaf International School on March 8th.

The return to competition has taught our students valuable lessons not only in the technical aspects of sport but, more importantly, how to be a good teammate and how to behave in stressful and difficult circumstances. Students have been working hard and learning a lot from their coaches and peers. Thank you to the DAIS athletics team for helping create opportunities for our students to compete.

Go Sea Dragons!

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