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Beach Day 2019
Middle School Lock In
Middle School Sports Day
Monster Mash
SEOMUN Conference Trip
ACAMIS Cross Country Champions
9th Annual Speech Contest
TEDx Event
ACAMIS Table Tennis
Elementary School Winter Concert
DAIS Basketball Tournament
CISSMUN Conference
DAIS Resumes Onsite Classes
Kids Read Competition Winners
NHS Induction 2020
Class of 2020 Graduation
Future 21st Century Leaders
First Annual Egg Drop Challenge
2020 USA-China Bio Olympiad Results
AP Recognition and Distinctions
House Extravaganza Sports Day
DAISMUN Fall Conference 2020
DAIS Joins Nord Anglia Education
Halloween Family Fun Night
Accenture Computer Distribution Service Project
Open Mic Night
Aunty Wang’s Service Learning ASA
Wingo Night
10th Annual Speech Contest
Secondary School Winter Choir Concert
Maple Leaf MUN Conference
Elementary School Winter Concert
Finding an Opportunity for Service Learning in an Unusual Time
Winners of the DAIS Spirit Week Contest Announced
When It Comes to Distance Learning, We’ve Got It in the Bag!
No Plastic Bag – Protect the Environment and Make a Change
Course Selection Process for the Next School Year: Why AP Courses Are Important?
DAISMUN XI Spring Session
From Dalian to Berklee College of Music: Jenny’s Success Story
DAIS Secondary Instrumental Concert – One Belt, One Road
Kids Read 2021 – Both DAIS Teams Came in Top Places
Book Week 2021 – Reading is for Everyone!
High School Talent Show
ACAMIS Math Quest & Rubik’s Cube Tournament
Harmony with Nature: Earth Day at DAIS
Guys and Dolls, the Musical
International Day 2021: Nineteen Countries Under One Roof
Colorful and Full of Creativity: Art Show at DAIS
Great Minds and Talents in DAIS Middle School
DAIS Prom 2021: The Great Gatsby
Elementary School Music Showcase Concert
Perfect Octave: Secondary School Instrumental Concert
Science Week for the DAIS Elementary School Students
Trash to Treasure – Crafts to Help Teachers Around the World
Poetry in Song: DAIS Spring Choral Concert
Soccer Clinic for a Cause
Grade 4 Organized Lemon Market on Campus for a Good Cause
Grade 5 Students Ready for Secondary School
High School Graduation
Elementary Sports Day: Wrapping Up the School Year
From Student Government to Majoring in Political Science: Meet Jazper Lu
Welcome Back! The School Year Started Online at DAIS
Students Are Back on Campus
All Are Welcome Here! DAIS Celebrates Diversity
Together We Stand: DAIS Community Helps an Employee
Students Earned AP Recognition and Distinctions
House Extravaganza Sports Day
Families Came Together for a Exciting Community Event
What Happens on Campus at Night? MS Lock In!
DAISMUN Fall 2021 Conference: Recovery of Humanity
Two New Playgrounds Open at DAIS
City of Stars: Fall Choir Concert
Cross-Cultural Experience: Halloween Celebration at DAIS
What Is the Design Process? DAIS Grade 5 Gives the Answer
To Europe after an American School: Interview with Michael Wang
Online Learning at DAIS
Debate Club at DAIS: a Program to Enrich the Lives of Students
DAIS Resumed Onsite Classes
Parent Academy at Dalian American International School
Winter Concert and Other Festive Activities at DAIS-E
Meet the New Head of School: Dr. Richard Swann
Class of 2022 College Offers
Winter Wonderland: Secondary School Choral Concerts
Protecting the Child at School: DAIS Safeguarding Procedures
Wingo Night: PSP Fundraiser Event
Rock'n'Hollywood: Winter Dance at Hard Rock Hotel
DAIS-E Community Time January 2022
Meet the New Secondary Assistant Principal: Ms. Lubaina Essack
DAIS Middle School Student Received Prestigious Awards
Olympic Symphony: Secondary School Instrumental Concert
Mars Mission: DAIS Elementary School Science Day
DAIS Celebrates Winter Sports: Anbo Ski Trip
Second Grade Students Went on a Field Trip
High School Talent Show
DAIS Elementary Students Showcased Their Musical Skills
DAISMUN XII: Let the World Hear Your Voice
Growing Connections: DAIS Middle School Honor Choir Retreat
Reading Is My Superpower: Book Week at DAIS
DAIS Kids Read Teams Repeated Their Success in 2022 Competition
March Madness: DAIS Basketball Season Capstone
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Interview with Judy Zhou
Announcement: Summer Camp 2022 at DAIS
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Interview with Jasmine Zhao
DAIS-S Student Leaders and Awards Announced
DAIS Secondary School Speech Contest
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Interview with Joshua Roy
Farewell and Congratulations: DAIS High School Graduation
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Interview with Jane Kwan
Grade 5 Students Promoted to Middle School
Our Counseling Program: Interview with Oliver Cai, Class of 2022 Graduate
WASC Accreditation Announcement
Active Summer with Dalian American International School
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Interview with Sarah Rohrbeck
Star Lighters: Our New Community Service Program
DAIS Students Back to School After Summer Break
Going International: Head of School Shares His Family Story
First House Event in 2022-23 School Year
Grade 5 Student Gets First Prize in Robotics
Excellent Distance Education: Honoring DAIS Teachers
Celebrating Peace Day at DAIS
Success Factors: DAIS Faculty Professional Growth
We Are Back on Campus
Share a Dream: Social & Environmental Impact Report
Fall Athletics Kick Off
Sir Michael Barber appointed Chair of Nord Anglia University
Story Time: Kids Teaching Kids
Outdoor Education Class Experience
Parent Involvement In Education
Engaging Science Classes in DAIS Secondary
Halloween Themed House Event
Halloween Celebrations at DAIS
ASDAN Award Winners
Grade 5 Community Time
Sea Dragon Speech Contest
House Event: Volleyball Game
DAISMUN Fall 2022 Conference
DAIS Students Earned AP Recognitions
Paying It Back and Paying It Forwards – DAIS/DHS WCD Celebration
Students Rebuild: Welcoming Refugees Project
Happy Thanksgiving!
New International Research Reveals the Skills and Attitudes Gen Z Thinks Are Necessary to Succeed in the ‘Game of Life’
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Meet Mark Ma
Outdoor Education Rock Climbing Field Trip
Early Decision: DAIS Class of 2023 on the Road to Success
Secondary Winter Concert
A Bugz Christmas and A Pirate Christmas: Elementary Winter Concerts
Tribute to DAIS Staff Working With Us 10+ Years
Grand Premiere: Oliver! The Musical
Varsity Basketball Games
Happy New Year of the Rabbit!
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Meet Shreya Singh
Action Potential: DAIS Student Organization Promoting Healthcare
Oliver! From Idea to Implementation: DAIS Design Expo
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Meet Annie Ren
National Merit, Mathematics and Science Awards
Grade 4 Community Time
We Are the Champions! DAIS Triumph at ACAMIS Basketball
Anbo Ski Trip: Winter Tradition at DAIS and Huamei
Talent Show 2023: Make Your Talent Shine
Social Impact Report: Semester 1 Community Service at DAIS
DAIS Tremendous Success at SHAMUN XXII
Elementary Art Students Visit Secondary School
Book Week at Dalian American International School
Connecting Communities for a Brighter Future: Our Home Computer Donation Program
Digital SAT Administration: Updated Pathway to College Admission
Remodeled Advisory Program: Middle School Assembly
My Freedom Day: Table Talks
March Madness - Sporting Highlights
Melting Pot: Musical Showcase
Third Grade Community Time
ACAMIS Football Tournament 2023 Starts Tomorrow!
April 22 Happenings: International Day and More
Gold Division ACAMIS Football Tournament 2023: Results
Second Place in Kids Read Competition!
Castles and Dragons: Secondary Spring Concert
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Meet Tommy Cho
Creativity for Peace: Art Show 2023
Class of 2023 College Decisions Finalized
Teacher Appreciation Week Celebrations
Middle School Talent Show: Unity in Diversity
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Seniors: Meet Eileen Wu
Goodbye, Class of 2023! DAIS and DHS High School Graduation
DAIS-E Showcase of Learning
Grade 5 Promotion
Elementary School Spring Concert
End of School Year Awards and Recognitions
Field Day for Elementary and Secondary Students
Last Day of School
Outstanding DAIS Graduates: Meet Raymond Bian
DAIS Faculty 2023-24: New Teachers, Promotions, Reassignments
Meet DAIS/DHS Class of 2023 Graduates: Interview with Jed Zhao
Summer Renovation and Reconstruction Projects on DAIS Campus
Outstanding DAIS/Huamei Graduates: Meet Peter Zhang
Sea Dragon Summer Camp 2023 Recap
Welcome Back! DAIS Community Starts the School Year Strong
Service Learning and Schoolwide Learner Outcomes to Be Taught During Advisory
Meet DAIS/DHS Class of 2023 Graduates: Interview with Rebecca Yu
Arts Workshop with Joaquín Moratillo
Student Government Event: Sea Dragon Sports Day Recap
AUCA and Education USA College Fairs at DAIS
DAIS Community Came Together for Family Fun
Peace Begins with Us!
Hobbit Day: Celebration of Reading
Secondary Academic Results, SAT and AP Scores
Teachers Familiarize Themselves With First Aid Skills
UNICEF Summit Inspired and Empowered DAIS Delegates
International Schools Services Executive Visited DAIS
Shanghai American International School MUN Conference XIII
Student Organizations Getting Ready for Halloween
Introducing Our New Athletics and Activities Director
Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals: Advisory Unit 1
INSIGHTS: New Education Magazine by NAE
DAIS Creativity Hub Project
Spooky Spectacle: DAIS Haunted House and Monster Mash
Build Better Plants: MIT Challenge
ACAMIS Volleyball Tournament in Beijing: Results
DAISMUN FALL 2023 Conference Recap
DAIS Alumnus Excels at HSI Battle of the Brains
ACAMIS Table Tennis Tournament Results
Opening Doors to Literature: Welcome to DAIS Library
Creativity Hub: Brand Innovation
ACAMIS Cross Country Tournament Results
Quadrilla - Revolutionary Approach to Learning in Elementary Dormitory Curriculum
Not So Traditional Winter Concert
Winter Ventures: Instrumental Concert
Creativity Hub in December
Christmas Season Is Here!
Snow Show by DAIS Elementary
Women in STEM: New Student Organization at DAIS
Basketball Season Continues at DAIS
Early Decision: DAIS Class of 2024 on the Road to Success
Chess League by NAE Global Campus
Build Better Energy: MIT Challenge #2
The Age of Acceleration: CISSMUN Conference
Two Silvers for DAIS Basketball Teams at the ACAMIS
Intercultural Dialogue: "The King and I" Musical at DAIS
DAIS Wishes You a Happy Lunar New Year of the Dragon!
Student Led Initiative Awarded $26,000 NAE Social Impact Grant
Dandong Field Trip
Anbo Skiing Trip
High School Course Selection Started
GECMUN X: Model United Nations Conference in Jeju
Learning Support and Parenting Guidance: Meet Dr. Ira Canada
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Graduates: Meet Peter Zhang Ruiming
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Meet Dmitry Ulyakhin
3.14 Celebrating Pi(e) Day: A Fun-Filled Mathematical Event
Wingo Night 2024 at DAIS: Thank You to All Players and Sponsors
Class of 2024 College Acceptances Review
Redefining the Impossible, Realizing the Changes: DAISMUN XIV Conference
Books Are Magic! Reading Activities at DAIS
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Seniors: Meet Steven Zhang
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class for Boarding Students
Empowering Girls in STEM: A Week of Discovery with WinS
Spotlight Spectacle: DAIS High School Talent Show 2024
Sea Dragons Sports Spectacular
ACAMIS Glory: Football & Badminton Success for DAIS Teams
Echoes of Diversity: Spring Choral Concert
Night at the Movies: Spring Instrumental Concert
DAIS/Huamei 100km Relay Challenge Successfully Completed
DAIS Sea Dragon Swimming Team Rocks!
Iconic Tradition: International Diversity Day Celebration
Family Bridges: A Program Dedicated to Provide New Insights into Parent-Children Communications
Wilderness, Survival and Teamwork Outdoor Camp
Alumnae Success Stories: Harvard, Columbia, and Beyond
DAIS Art Show 2024: Breeze of Colors, Lights of Hope
Outstanding DAIS Seniors: Meet Samuel Liu
Stepping Up: Grade 5 Promotion Celebration
Goodbye, Class of 2024! High School Graduation
Young Stars Shine: Highlights from the Elementary Talent Show
Grade 8 Promotion Ceremony
School Year Wrap-Up: Field Day Thrills and Discovery Land Adventure
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Graduates: Meet Leon Li
How Puberty Contributes to Parent-Teen Communication Barriers
Congratulations! Student Awards Announced
College Matriculations for the DAIS/DHS Class of 2024
Outstanding DAIS/DHS Graduates: Meet Bella Wei, Class of 2024