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We will update this page accordingly when new questions arise from parents, so keep checking back for answers to some of the most common questions about attending DAIS. If you have more questions, please contact us here.

When should I submit the applications? Is there a deadline for submitting application?

DAIS accepts student applications at any time during the academic year as long as there is seat available in that class. The admissions policy is “First come, first serve”. We are not able to guarantee a seat until all admission procedures are completed and the application fee is received.

For admission procedures and requirements: Visit Admissions or you can contact DAIS Admissions Associate at 86 0411 8757 2000 ext. 506, 522, 7409.

I would like to visit DAIS. Can you arrange a school tour for me?

School tours can be arranged between 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of Chinese national holidays. (Please refer to the 2021-2022 school calendar)

Does DAIS offer transportation to and from school?

Yes, DAIS provides transportation from and to school. We currently have one van and three mid-size buses operating in the downtown Dalian area and one mid-size, three large buses operating in the DDA (Dalian Development Area). Last but not least, one large bus operating in Jinshitan area.
Families need to walk their child(ren) to and from the nearest collecting point in the morning and after school.

What address should I post the applications to?

Please EMS/FedEx the applications and supporting documents to:

Miss Lisha Li
Admissions Associate
Dalian American International School
2 Dianchi Road, Golden Pebble Beach National Resort
Development Area, Dalian 116650

Do we need to give the Permission To Release School Records to my child’s current school?

Yes, please complete the form and give it to the current school. The school should provide you with your child’s cummulative file, sealed and stamped. We encourage parents, when possible, to hand carry these official documents with them during the relocation and bring them to school.

What type of lunch is offered by DAIS? Is there a snack time during school?

DAIS offers daily Chinese and Western food options. Lunch menus are published on the website each month so that students and parents together can order from the menu. Elementary students are encourage to bring a healthy snack to school each day.

We lost our child’s Immunization record. What should we provide you?

Your doctor will need to complete the Medical History section of the application as an official record of immunizations. Your doctor will need to sign, date and stamp the document.

My child doesn’t have a Chinese Residence Permit yet. My company is applying this for our family. Can I provide this to you later?

Yes. We understand that some of the families are outside of China while applying to DAIS. Please provide the Chinese Residence Permit as soon as your child receives one. Students are not allowed to start school until they have a valid Chinese Residence Permit.

I do not have a Dalian local address and contact number yet. Can I give this information to you once we arrive?

Yes, please leave the local address and contact number blank for the time being and inform our school as soon as you have a local address and contact number. Please provide at least one email address as a main contact until your family is in Dalian.

We are from Germany, my children’s first language is German and they are currently in Grade 4 and Grade 7. They have been attending International schools for the past four years. Do they need to take a language assessment test?

The admissions team will first need to review the reports from their previous/current international schools to determine if testing is appropriate.

Can Chinese citizens attend DAIS?

Chinese citizens can not attend DAIS as the school is only licensed for admitting foreign passport holders. However, Chinese citizens can apply to the Huamei Academy at DAIS, which serves grades 9-12 only. The Huamei Academy prepares students for college/university study abroad with an American international curriculum.

Is there admissions testing?

Yes. All applicants will be tested. Additionally, non-native English speakers in grades 2 through 12 will be given English Language Proficiency tests as deemed appropriate by school personnel. The test has three sections: reading, writing, and oral language. Testing time will be approximately an hour and half for elementary students and up to two hours for secondary students.

DAIS Contact Info

General School Admissions

2 Dianchi Road
Golden Pebble Beach
Jinzhou New District
Dalian, P.R. China 116650

+86 (411) 8757-2000

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