16 November, 2022

DAIS Students Earned AP Recognitions

Students receiving awards

The Advanced Placement program which was developed by the College Board annually recognizes students who perform well on multiple Advanced Placement (AP) examinations. The DAIS/DHS administration, faculty and staff are very proud to announce that despite the difficult testing circumstances and late-night exam administrations, we have 60 award-winning students earning various accolades from College Board. The awards include AP Scholar, AP Scholar with Honor, AP Scholar of Distinction and the AP International Diploma.

"Since the International Diploma is only given to students who studied outside of the US, I think it will definitely add some flair to my applications. I hope it will help me stand out at least a bit more than other students with just the scholar awards."

 Ein, Grade 11

DAIS/DHS is also proud to announce that 121 AP students (81%) received a score of three or higher during the 2022 administration of AP exams. This spring DAIS/DHS had 149 students participating in AP exams completing 298 exams. The DAIS/DHS family is proud of these accomplishments.

The AP International Diploma is the most prestigious of the AP College Board recognitions. The International Diploma is awarded to students who display exceptional achievement across a variety of disciplines by receiving a score of 3 or higher on five or more AP exams in three or more different content areas. Join us in congratulating Tommy Cho, Hanna Cho, Brian Kim, Myungha Kim, Jane Li, Ian Liu, Ein Sel, Kevin Xu and Jasmine Zhao who earned this prestigious honor. This is the first year we’ve had nine students earn this distinction in the same calendar year.

"Last year was my sophomore year, and I took AP Chemistry, AP Psychology, AP World History, and AP Chinese. In my freshman year, I took AP Language and Composition and AP Human Geography. By earning successful scores on all of my AP tests, I was able to earn the AP International Diploma this year. This distinction is important because it shows that I am a well-rounded student, and I am prepared to take rigorous courses in college."

Myungha, Grade 11