08 November, 2022

Sea Dragon Speech Contest

Sea Dragon Speech Contest-speech contest-Speech contest winner

On Saturday, November 5th Mr. Craig Healy invited students to participate in the Sea Dragon Speech Tournament. Contestants could choose one or more speaking categories among Original Oratory, Oral Interpretation, Dramatic/Humorous Interpretation, and Impromptu Speech.

At DAIS, we are proud of the English language skills our students demonstrate every day and we feel that the Speech Tournament is a perfect opportunity to highlight these skills to the greater community.

"As an educator involved in coaching and judging speech and debate for more than a decade, I was absolutely floored at the level of insight, craft and fluency displayed by our students last Saturday. Demonstrating oratorical proficiency in what was, in many cases, a second language denotes a high degree of preparation, diligence and self-confidence. I could not be prouder of the accomplishments of our DAIS and DHS students."

Mr. Craig Healy

The tournament was modelled after High School Speech Events in the United States and offered students an opportunity to hone their language and performance skills in a variety of fun, engaging and competitive events. Whether it was crafting and delivering a unique speech, reenacting a famous scene from theatre or film, performing a dramatic reading from a famous work of literature, or battling against time to craft a speech on a random topic assigned to them, students utilized their oral language skills in a way that was engaging to them.

Sea Dragon Speech Contest-speech contest-Dramatic interpretation

A big thank you to our judges Mr. Healy, Mr. Singleton and Mr. Mazarakis who gave up their Saturday to lead the event.

Congratulations to the winners:

 Category  First Place  Second Place 
 Original Oratory

 Suah Lee
 Yingxi Han

 Spring Bian
 Dramatic Interpretation  Emily Cong  Annie Cong
 Impromptu  Aman Tesfu  Suah Lee
 Oral Interpretation  Misa Irie  Dmitry Ulyakhin
 Audience Choice  Angela Zhen  Dmitry Ulyakhin


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