Dalian American International School



Part of our mission with innovation is creating learning spaces that inspire, motivate, and support all DAIS studentsWe believe in promoting creativity with expansive access to writable surfaces, agile furniture for collaborative learning, and high levels of transparency within each learning space.

Currently, all classrooms are equipped with computers and multimedia projectors. Some classrooms also have interactive whiteboards.

Infrastructure Upgrades

We’re incorporating these Principles of Agile Design in our school:

  1. Writable surfaces everywhere;
  2. Mobilise;
  3. Let the light in;
  4. Plan for storage;
  5. Amplify what’s important;
  6. Ditch the projector, smart board, whatever;
  7. Improve air quality.

In 2019, DAIS also invested in new Design Labs based on guidance and support from the creators of Level 5. In the years leading up to launch, we conducted extensive research, consultation with ISS’s Chief Innovation Officer John Burns, and purposeful strategic planning with the newly recruited Design Program teachers and the administrators of DAIS.

In order to support the integration of technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment, DAIS routinely evaluates and improves the technology infrastructure to meet educational needs.

Design Labs

The varied curricula of the Design Lab program are designed with a collective purpose – to create meaningful connections between students’ experiences as learners and their potential as lead innovators. 

Secondary School d_lab

The Secondary d_Lab (our name for the design space) was designed with project-focused learning in mind, providing flexible spaces which offer a broad array of tools to facilitate big ideas. The primary design space offers work areas for large groups; designed with the intent to offer a space for students – as well as faculty and the broader community – to participate in hands-on learning activities. Three specialty labs include a clean room for electronics prototyping, laser cutting and 3D printing, a structural materials shop for projects involving wood and metals, and a video studio.  Whether coding a website, laser cutting gears for robotics or designing complex wooden furniture, the d_Lab programs offer students a chance to see their learning realized using tools they might find in any artistic, commercial or private creative space.

Elementary School d_lab

For every student in the Elementary School, the new Design Program is structured to engage students in building skills, brainstorming, critical thinking, and design-based problem solving. The DAIS team designed and built an exceptional elementary d_Lab equipped with safety equipment, a wide variety of tools, modern digital media technology, and state-of-the-art 3D printers. Through hands on activities, practical implementation and authentic experiences, this space will allow the young students of DAIS to exercise their communication and collaboration skills and develop into the ‘solutionaries’ of the future.

As we look to the future needs of a growing, diversifying student body, DAIS faculty strive daily to develop rigorous, authentic learning experiences for our students. Our newly renovated classrooms, laboratories and learning centers serve to facilitate this important, ongoing mission for years to come.

Please take a look at DAIS spaces and facilities: