Dalian American International School



Dalian American International School (DAIS) opened with a K-8 program in 2006. Since its inception, DAIS has been committed to supporting and enhancing education through the use of modern technology. We envision students, faculty and staff using technology appropriately to enhance learning and advance understanding.

Local area Network

The school has a local area network that provides high speed access to the Internet in all classrooms and offices, and other networking capabilities such as shared printing, and client-server interconnectivity (for file sharing, library services, authentication and roaming profiles.)

Faculty, staff and students in grades 3 and up have a Google Applications for Education account which provides them with:

  • Email account
  • Instant messaging
  • Free PC-to-PC voice calls
  • Online calendar
  • Google Docs to create and share documents, spreadsheets and presentations online

Learning Innovation Program

The school is committed to the development of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy in all students, enabling the enhanced growth of higher order thinking skills, creativity, communication, collaboration and research skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.

What will it look like at the Secondary School Level?

Secondary 1:1 Laptops – Bring Your Own Device (BYOT)

In grades 6-12, students will participate in what is called a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) classroom. A BYOT classroom incorporates the use of such items as laptops, iPads, tablets, Smart phones, or other devices with browsing capacity for educational purposes only. Though students are encouraged to make use of the variety of technologies that they bring to school, it is expected that each secondary student brings to school each day their own personal laptop that meets the school expectations.

What will it look like at the Elementary School Level?

Elementary 2:1 Tablets

Elementary students are provided tablets for educational use during the school day through their homeroom teacher.

Expectations for Technology Use

The challenges associated with inappropriate technology use by our students also provide opportunities to nurture ethical and socially responsible digital citizens. Use of devices is subject to the DAIS/DHA Internet Safety Policy as written in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Please take note of the following important documents related to the Learning Innovation Program at DAIS:

Emphasis on Quality

All students take computer classes and attend the labs for ongoing classroom assignments. A full time certified teacher is in each computer lab at all times to facilitate instruction and provide support.

Instruction is aligned to the National Education Technology Standards, and for the most part consists of project-based activities that are an extension of core subject matter units and/or lessons.

Support Staff

A team of hard working, knowledgeable and caring individuals provide ongoing support and training to students, teachers and staff. The Tech Team consists of:

  • Erin WilsonSecondary School Tech Integration Coach
  • Joshua CarterSecondary School Tech Integration Coach
  • Sean SunTech Support Technician
  • Bethany CongGraphic Designer / Photographer / Webmaster
  • Larry ShiSystem Administrator
  • Thomas LouWebmaster