Science / Assistant Athletics and Activities Director

Ryne Holstrom

Mr. Holstrom’s educational philosophy is to motivate students to take control of their learning.


Ryne Holstrom graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis in secondary education. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Mr. Holstrom spent six years teaching both biology and chemistry at the high school level in Arizona. While teaching in Arizona, Mr. Holstrom completed his master’s degree in educational leadership and administration at Grand Canyon University.

Mr. Holstrom’s educational philosophy is to motivate students to take control of their learning, by promoting student-to- student collaboration and an inquiry-based approach that allows students to discover the theoretical and applied concepts within biology and chemistry. Mr. Holstrom is looking forward to returning for his second at DAIS along with his wife Grace Holstrom and their two boys Everett and Reed. 

The Start of School Year

The start date for all DAIS divisions has been moved from August 5th to August 19th. We are monitoring the recent Covid-19 outbreak in the Dalian area and will report to the community any impact that this outbreak may have on the start of the school year.