Dalian American International School

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Dalian American International School facilitates a challenging, collaborative, and responsive learning environment that develops student intellect, character, and health. At DAIS, every learner strives to achieve personal excellence and contributes to the global community.

Our Vision

Dalian American International School bridges the educational experiences of international and Chinese national students in an attractive, well-resourced and up-to-date educational facility. Building upon our rich local history, culture and beautiful natural environment, we inspire students to be leaders serving local and global communities.  

Through collaboration, the application of learned knowledge and skills, and reflection, students solve authentic problems inside and outside the school walls, thereby developing an appreciation for diverse points of view, respect for each other as unique individuals, and (his or her own) personal excellence.  

Our students and graduates are systematic problem-solvers who apply their knowledge and skills in designing innovative solutions to local and global issues. They are critical and creative thinkers and lifelong learners, who are prepared to graduate from high-quality educational institutions and pursue meaningful career opportunities. Most importantly, their community sees them as compassionate, ethical, and socially responsible. 

School Wide Learner Outcomes

I. Learners will become respectful and trustworthy global citizens that demonstrate strong character through responsible, fair, and caring actions.

II. Learners will exhibit resilience, courage, initiative, creativity, and curiosity as they pursue personal excellence in intellect and health.

III. Learners will become skilled innovators, critical thinkers, and problem solvers who are technologically literate.

IV. Learners will appreciate and reflect on the influences of cultures in their interactions with others.

V. Learners will contribute to the interdependent world around them through inquiry and action.

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2 Dianchi Road
Golden Pebble Beach
Jinzhou New District
Dalian, P.R. China 116650

+86 (411) 8757-2000

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