Dalian American International School

High School Philosophy

The high school program at Dalian American International School provides a dynamic learning environment designed to prepare every student for a successful college experience. A strong program of academic rigor enables students to reach and challenge themselves in an environment that fosters independence and self-reliance.

Students are expected to learn content and apply it in various ways. Focusing on communication, cooperation, collaboration, and complex thinking; learning at DAIS is an exciting process.

Leadership opportunities are and integral part of DAIS high school.Whether it is through student government, Model United Nations, or service oriented activities, students become more confident, mature, and self-reliant young people prepared for their university experience and the world that awaits them.

At DAIS, we strive to make our world a better place by preparing our community to live fulfilled lives and build a sustainable future.

More information about the High School curriculum can be found here.

Coronavirus Situation Update

Please note that due to the current novel coronavirus outbreak, DAIS will be conducting online lessons for our students until the campus resumes onsite classes. All DAIS activities and events have been postponed until further notice. We ask parents to regularly check their registered school email address for updates. Thank you for your understanding.