Dalian American International School

Support Services


The Counseling Department at Dalian American International School provides emotional, social and academic support, as well as guidance in career preparation/college and university planning for all students.

The comprehensive, developmental approach engages all learners to enhance their intellect, character, health and cultural awareness to participate in the global community.

The Dalian American International School Counseling Program assists students in acquiring the skills necessary for personal and school success while guiding them through exploring both college and career options that parallel with their individual interests, strengths, and goals.

College & University


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Individual Counseling

Counselors support the emotional, social, and academic wellbeing of every DAIS and Huamei Academy student. Secondary school students have frequent one-on-one meetings with their counselors that provide guidance in career preparation/college and university planning.

Group Counseling

Group counseling focuses on teaching skills and/or knowledge to provide academic and emotional support in a small group setting. Within these groups, students not only learn from the facilitating counselor, but also from their peers.

Students who participate in group counseling have the opportunity to build confidence, experience personal/academic growth, and/or establish meaningful bonds with other participating students.

Course Selection

Counselors assist students in selecting courses required for graduation, courses that are most challenging for them and those that will assist them in getting into the universities/colleges of their choice.

College & University Admissions

Students, particularly Juniors and Seniors, receive guidance from counselors with college and university preparation which includes standardized testing, university/college selection, university/college applications, personal statements, financial aid, and scholarships.

Immediate Responsive Services

The counseling team provides immediate support and response services in times of distress and crisis for students, families, and staff.