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Michael Wang

MMichael Wang, DAIS/DHS Class of 2021, has been studying at Dalian Huamei School since 7th grade. Back then, his parents investigated the differences between Chinese and western education systems, and eventually they believed it will be the best for Michael to study something more practical and widen his outlook in an international school.

His native language is Chinese, but he studied English since kindergarten, and now his language skills are good enough to talk with foreign people and to pursue higher education overseas. Both of his parents were born in Liaoning province. Michael’s father was born in a very small city, however, his family always had a great passion to study, so his dad and uncles all attended universities while their classmates chose to drop high school. His father studied chemical engineering for undergraduate and started a company producing chemical materials. His mother earned her master’s degree in music when Michael was born. Their whole family loves to read about Chinese history and biographies of great thinkers, which influenced Michael’s determination to study more in depth in liberal arts. 

Michael’s favorite subject at school was AP World History, taught by Mr. Twaddell. History always intrigued him; he wanted to know why people from different countries have distinct characters, and how cultural influences form the world we are living today. Michael believes that Mr. Twaddell is a teacher who can answer every question about history. They both have the same passion toward learning different cultures, even to experience them, so they often shared thoughts and discoveries in museums and galleries, which let them develop a good personal connection.

In his junior year, Michael became the vice president of Student Government, and next year he got the position of the president of Huamei StuGov. He wanted to make contribution to our community, to organize school events that can make all students happy, and he believes that his biggest success was to make everything function as it should. Michael took part in organizing a lot of big scale school events, and his favorite ones were Monster Mash and Prom. This managing experience meant a lot for him and made him more confident about his future.

“I believe all people should engage in some sports activities, especially team sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc. They won’t just improve you physically, but will also teach you the importance of friendship and partnership. Nothing is more exciting than cooperating with your fellows to gain victory in a sports game!”

Michael was a member of school volleyball and basketball teams and participated in ACAMIS tournaments. It’s interesting that he never thought of playing volleyball before 10th grade when he joined DAIS volleyball team. Then he developed his skills very quickly, and became a starting player in the team. They played a lot of games in local tournaments and earned gold medals in all of them.

ACAMIS tournament was one of the most memorable experiences for Michael in high school, and though our team didn’t win that time, all players had a chance to make new friends who enjoyed the same sport, and moreover, they could witness how students from other school paid their efforts on practicing.

Michael received offers from top universities around the world, including the UCL, University of Edinburgh, University of Washington, Boston University, University of Toronto, etc. He had many options to choose from, and eventually he chose to go to the United Kingdom because he believes that British classical environment and life style is more suitable for him.

In UK, you need to choose your future major upon applying to a university. Michael was accepted to a few colleges there, including the world-renowned number one University College London. However, he wasn’t totally happy with the major he could take there, so finally he chose to go to the University of Edinburgh, ranked #16 globally (QS World University Rankings 2022). His major in Edinburgh is a joint degree called “Philosophy and Mathematics”.

Best of luck, Michael! DAIS/DHS school community is proud of you, we wish you every success in your future endeavors.

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