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We are delighted that you are considering Dalian American International School for your child’s education and look forward to answering any questions you may have.


Our school serves the PreK-Grade 12 educational needs of the children of foreign residents who hold a valid foreign passport and are living in Dalian, China and neighboring areas.

All applicants will be tested. Additionally, non-native English speakers in grades 2 through 12 will be given English Language Proficiency tests. The test has three sections: reading, writing, and oral language. Testing time will be approximately an hour and half for elementary students and up to two hours for secondary students.

In some cases, additional admissions testing may be necessary to make admissions and placement decisions. The Admissions Review Team will ensure DAIS can support individual student learning needs.


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Tuition Fees

The payment options and corresponding school attendance periods are shown below. Tuition is only pro-rated for enrollment on or after October 1st and the payment date is not aligned with school terms. Tuition may be paid in one, two, or three installments. The two and three payment plans include a handling fee of 3% and 5% respectively. The one-payment option is the only plan that allows a tuition refund for early withdrawal.

*Tuition fees are subject to review and change annually


Grade One
PreK - G5 ¥199,500 ¥103,000
(X 2)
(X 3)
G6 - G12 ¥233,000 ¥119,995
(X 2)
(X 3)


Fee Schedule 2024-2025
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Keep up to date with the academic year at Dalian American International School with these key dates for your calendar.
First Day of School
Thursday 15 Aug 2024
First Quarter
Thursday, Aug 15 to Monday, Oct 28 2024
Mid-Autumn Festival
Monday, Sep 16 to Tuesday, Sep 17 2024
Golden Week (Fall Break)
Monday, Sep 30 to Monday, Oct 07 2024
Second Quarter
Tuesday, Oct 29 2024 to Friday, Jan 17 2025
Winter Break
Monday, Dec 16 2024 to Friday, Jan 03 2025


Here’s what you need to do to before joining DAIS.
Complete the Application Form
Our Admissions Team will be delighted to answer questions and help you through your application. 
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Await application review
The team will review each application thoroughly, ensuring that we fully understand your child’s needs and abilities. 
Come and meet us
The Admissions Team will contact you to arrange a family and school meeting, admissions interview and assessment once your application has been processed. 
Receive an offer
If your application is successful, we’ll email you an official offer. 
Accept the offer
Confirm your child’s attendance and secure their placement by paying the relevant fees.  
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Our students leave school equipped with the academic results, confidence and resilience they need to succeed at whatever they choose to do or be in life.

Jenny Liu
Jenny Liu
DAIS graduate of 2020
Jenny’s academic achievements were impressive enough to win her acceptance to a number of top universities including the University of Toronto, UIUC, UC Davis and UCR to major in Psychology. Her dream came true, however, when she was able to combine her passions for music and psychology with an $11,000 a year scholarship to study Music Therapy at the world-renowned Berklee College of Music, Massachusetts, USA.
Gina Wang
DAIS graduate of 2020

Studying at Cornell University and majoring in Human Brain Science, her plan right now is to graduate from college and come back to China to help people in her home country. Gina wants to provide psychological and counselling support to disadvantaged groups in society, and we can only wish her best of luck.

Michael Wang
Michael Wang
DAIS graduate of 2021
Michael received offers from top universities around the world, including the UCL, University of Edinburgh, University of Washington, Boston University, University of Toronto, etc. He had many options to choose from, and eventually he chose to go to the United Kingdom because he believes that British classical environment and life style is more suitable for him.

Jazper Lu
Jazper Lu
DAIS graduate of 2021
Jazper has been accepted to some of the best universities in the United States – Georgetown, UCLA, Washington University in St. Louis, and Ohio State, to name a few. He chose to go to Duke, considered to in the top 1% of universities in the world, ranking 14th in the United States and 18th globally. He also won two scholarships – $2500 National Merit Scholarship and $3000 NHS Scholarship.


  • When should I submit the applications? Is there a deadline?
    Each year, the Education Bureau announces the registration date for all 9-year compulsory schools. DAIS observes the dates and guidelines given by the Education Bureau.
  • I would like to visit DAIS. Can you arrange a school tour for me?
    School tours can be arranged between 9am to 4pm, Monday through Friday with the exception of Chinese national holidays. (Please refer to the 2021-2022 school calendar)
  • Does DAIS offer transportation to and from school?
    Yes, DAIS provides transportation to and from the school. We currently have one van and three mid-size buses operating in the downtown Dalian area. We have one mid-size and three large buses operating in the DDA (Dalian Development Area). Last, but not least, we have one large bus operating in the Jinshitan area.

    Families need to walk their child(ren) to and from the nearest collecting point in the morning and after school.
  • Do we need to give the Permission to Release School Records to my child’s current school?
    Yes, please complete the form and give it to your child’s current school. The school should provide you with your child’s cumulative file, sealed and stamped. We encourage parents, when possible, to keep a hard copy of these official documents with them during the relocation and hand deliver them to the school.
  • What type of lunch is offered by DAIS? Is there a snack time during school?
    DAIS offers daily Chinese and Western food options. Lunch menus are published on the website each month so that students and parents together can order from the menu. Elementary students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack to school each day.
  • We lost our child’s Immunization record. What should we provide you?
    Your doctor will need to complete the Medical History section of the application as an official record of immunizations. Your doctor will need to sign, date and stamp the document.
  • My child doesn’t have a Chinese Residence Permit yet. My company is applying for this for our family. Can I provide this to you later?
    Yes. We understand that some families are outside of China when first applying to DAIS. Please provide the Chinese Residence Permit as soon as your child receives one. Students are not allowed to start school until they have a valid Chinese Residence Permit.

  • I do not have a Dalian local address and contact number yet. Can I give this information to you once we arrive?
    Yes, please leave the local address and contact number blank for the time being and inform our school as soon as you have a local address and contact number. Please provide at least one email address as a main contact until your family is in Dalian.
  • Can Chinese citizens attend DAIS?
    Chinese citizens cannot attend DAIS as the school is only licensed for admitting foreign passport holders. However, Chinese citizens can apply to the Dalian Huamei School. In grades 9-12, the Huamei School prepares students for college/university study abroad with an American international curriculum.

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