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Part of our mission with innovation is creating learning spaces that inspire, motivate, and support all DAIS studentsWe believe in promoting creativity with expansive access to writable surfaces, agile furniture for collaborative learning, and high levels of transparency within each learning space. Currently, we are investing in a new design lab based on guidance and support from the creators of Level 5, as well as incorporating these Principles of Agile Design 

What will it look like at the Secondary School Level?

Secondary 1:1 Laptops – Bring Your Own Device (BYOT)

In grades 6-12, students will participate in what is called a Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) classroom. A BYOT classroom incorporates the use of such items as laptops, iPads, tablets, Smart phones, or other devices with browsing capacity for educational purposes only. Though students are encouraged to make use of the variety of technologies that they bring to school, it is expected that each secondary student brings to school each day their own personal laptop that meets the school expectations.

What will it look like at the Elementary School Level?

Elementary 2:1 Tablets

Elementary students are provided tablets for educational use during the school day through their homeroom teacher.

Expectations for Technology Use
The challenges associated with inappropriate technology use by our students also provide opportunities to nurture ethical and socially responsible digital citizens. Use of devices is subject to the DAIS/DHA Internet Safety Policy as written in the Parent/Student Handbook.
Infrastructure Upgrades and Teacher Professional Development
In order to support the integration of technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment, DAIS routinely evaluates and improves the technology infrastructure to meet educational needs.

Please take note of the following important documents related to the Learning Innovation Program at DAIS.