Social Studies Department Head

Rowena Liu

Rowena is passionate about how to integrate technology in student centered classrooms.


Rowena joined DAIS in 2016 and loves contributing to this community; she holds both her Bachelor of Arts (History) and Bachelor of Education (Secondary) from the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.  She has taught in Vancouver, and Kyoto, Japan previous to teaching in Dalian where she has had experiences both as a teacher and an administrator.

Rowena is passionate about how to integrate technology in student centered classrooms, inquiry learning, developing students’ transferable skills and promoting United Nations Sustainability goals to educate new generations of citizens, especially females for leadership in their communities and countries. She also holds an Online Learning and Teaching Graduate Diploma from Vancouver Island University, Canada and is currently completing her Masters, in Educational Leadership.  A long-time vegetarian turned vegan, she enjoys exercising, hiking, travelling, and art.