Director of Admissions

Eddie Chung

Eddie sees traveling as part of lifelong learning journey.


Eddie Chung is from Beijing. He joined DAIS in 2016 as Admissions Director. He believes Admissions is not a gatekeeper but a facilitator and that admissions process is a learning experience for both prospective families and the school. Prior to joining DAIS, Eddie had nearly 20 years of experience in sales & marketing and media. He likes telling stories to market the school.  

Eddie enjoys traveling with his family. He sees traveling as part of lifelong learning journey. With his wife and son, this journey means a lot more to him.

The Start of School Year

The start date for all DAIS divisions has been moved from August 5th to September 1st. We continue to monitor the recent Covid-19 outbreak in the Dalian area and will report to the community any impact that this outbreak may have on the start of the school year.