DAISMUN Fall Conference 2020

On Saturday, October 10th DAIS/HM hosted our first ever Fall DAISMUN conference on campus.

On Saturday October 10th DAIS/HM hosted our first ever Fall Model United Nations conference on campus. This MUN conference had 20 student volunteers working as administration assistants and more than 100 student delegates representing their perspective countries and working on finding solutions to some of the current problems the world is facing.

The student leadership team, under the guidance of Mr. McLoughlin and Ms. Liu, has organized and planned all the events of the day, and it was truly a student-centered activity. A few topics covered by the various committees were ‘Providing aid to populations in poverty amidst COVID-19 pandemic’, ‘Addressing the increase in protests globally and promoting non-violent methods to implement change’, and ‘Reviving the economy of less developed countries in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic’.

The student leadership team is comprised of Secretary General Amy Zhang, Deputy SG Jasmine Zhao, Executive Administration Officer Maya Tashiro, Press Officer Rita Yao, Conference Service officer Charmain Xu, and Chief of Internal Relations Officer Danny Liu.

The conference gave students a great opportunity to showcase all they have learned in class. It is events like this that help students gain needed social and emotional experiences outside of the normal hours of school. The Model United Nations program at DAIS / Huamei Academy is supported by school’s administration and helps to create a well-rounded students and responsible global citizens.

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