Dalian American International School

Activities List Preview

Art Club

Students have the opportunity to explore and take creative risks in a studio atmosphere. Students work individually in a variety of mediums.

Film Club

Students will get together and choose the classic movies they most want to watch and discuss from a selected list of films from the last 100 years. I’ll introduce the films, we’ll watch them, and then the group will talk about the plot, acting, film techniques, cultural impact, and why these films continue to be considered classics. Popcorn anyone?

Social Games

Want to play some fun games and visit with friends? Then social games is where you want to be. Some days we may be indoors and some days outdoors depending on the weather, so wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

Clay Modeling

This workshop is specially oriented to children from grades 3 – 5, where they will experiment with modelling paste when modelling different imaginary characters and shapes. Children will be encouraged to develop three dimensional figures expressing their imagination and will learn to use modeling clay. The Objective for this workshop: Develop fine motor skills, concentration and eye-finger coordination.


Fencing is the sport of fighting with swords. The most common version of fencing today is called Olympic Fencing or Competitive Fencing. Here is your chance to be trained in this sport by a professional. Sign up for this unique opportunity and be prepared to have some fun! Equipment is supplied.



Work on the fundamentals of basketball to developing skills and successful techniques. We will also play a few games.


Nono graduated from the Chang Chun University of Sport with a Bachelor of Physical Education. He is also a certified School Teacher. Nono has been teaching classes at various fitness institutions for 7 years, including at 2 of his own dance studios.


You are invited to this introductory course in Chinese cooking. Learn to make dumplings and many more delicious treats which you can then eat!!

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are trained in leadership skills to provide a caring and welcoming environment to new students. We need 5 students each from division Middle, DAIS High School and Huamei High School.

Our objectives are to assist in creating a welcoming environment, to demonstrate a caring attitude to all students, to ensure new students a positive experience upon entering Secondary School, and to develop positive leadership skills.

This session the students will be assisting with International Day on April 12. Students will develop activities for K-2 students for International Day. Students must be available during the celebration on April 12th.


Want to become a stronger swimmer, increase your endurance, and improve your swimming strokes? This ASA is geared for children who already know how to swim and want to improve their swimming skills. Participants must be able to swim 1 length of the pool to qualify for this activity.

Roller Blading

Learn the basics of Roller Blading under the guidance of trained professionals. Equipment can be purchased from the instructor.

Video Games

You have the opportunity to learn and enjoy some free and fun online games.

Track & Field

Come have fun and run and do a variety of track and field events. We will focus on the 100meter, 200m, 400m, 800m, 1500m, the long jump and relays.

This will give you a chance to learn more about the above events, along with the mental and physical aspects of running.


Have you ever wondered how magic is performed? What are the tricks and how do you do them? Well this is your chance to find out!


Paper Folding / Origami

We will make a lot of different things such as animals and clothes from paper. If you like folding paper, come and join us!

Construction Zone

Construction Zone is an opportunity to build structures or designs with many different materials including: wooden and foam blocks, Lego, marble run, plastic links and Gears. We build cooperatively and have a chance to share our finished project with the group.

Problems, Puzzles, and Solutions

You will be given a variety of hands on and paper puzzles and you will learn to solve  them through trial and error. This improves your brain power and helps you think outside the box.
We will be using puzzles of all varieties, and work with numbers, cards, word puzzles, 3 D puzzles, mazes and New Games.


You are invited to enroll in a dance class which covers many styles; jazz, ballet, folk dancing and Chinese traditional dancing. Here is an opportunity to experience a bit of everything with a gifted and experienced teacher.

The instructor, is currently at the Shenyang Music School and has been for 6 years. He graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy and has also worked with the Liao Ning Ballet Company.