Dalian American International School

Terms & Conditions

Parents and students must adhere to the following terms and conditions if they wish to participate in any After School Activities at Dalian American International School:

  1. A student can sign up for a maximum of 2 free activities.
  2. Places will be offered strictly on a first come, first served basis. Parents can enroll the students through a link provided by email and on the school website. New students to the school are invited to join after school activities in the next session, and cannot join during a currently running session.
  3. Students cannot change their choices once the class has begun. The place in the ASA class may also be forfeited if the student does not attend 2 or more sessions without notification.
  4. Parents/caregivers must assume responsibility for their children after 4.30pm
  5. The ASA coordinator must be notified of students’ absences, when they have attended school on the day (whole day absences are already noted)
  6. For some of the ‘free’ activities, a materials fee will be levied (for example for the cooking class).
  7. A student will be asked to leave the ASA class if he/she behaves in a manner which is contrary to DAIS standards of behavior.
  8. Fee paying activities have a minimum sign up, and can only run if the minimum is reached.
  9. Payment for the fee paying activities must be made in full for the whole session before the enrollment can be accepted.
  10. Fees are forfeited if the student does not attend the class since the instructor still has to be paid.

More information about everything to do with the After School Activities programs can be found at the following links here.